I write about beautiful things that were created by humanity, and what I see and hear when I walk around this incredible world. #World

Crime and Punishment in 2021, Justice & the Shadows of Plato’s Cave

A recent Netflix documentary spurred me to re-think the correct practice of law. Something pondered since the days of “Plato’s Republic”. Anglo v French? How do you define a just man? What is justice? What is reality, the…

By R. Krishnan

From a book, I am writing…

There once was a mighty kingdom,

lost to folklore and history,

little is known of these kings,

who used to live quite peacefully.

East of Ireland,

is where they were prescribed,

and only on the Innis of Briton,

did their name…

The hybrid between B2B and B2C. #MWCWork #MWCWORK

The concepts of B2B are outdated and so are the concepts of B2C — so while we’re changing our views, as this pandemic has changed our lives, let us also take a pause and think about the idea of B2E — Business…

The day Los Angeles sports cursed themselves by putting up a Dodger blue billboard in the middle of downtown Boston.

I and many other Bostonians have cursed the city and sports teams of LA, and I encourage the citizens of the Bay Area to join in.

We did so the…

As Jefferson once argued, “Standing armies [are] inconsistent with [a people’s] freedom” and “completely adverse” to the “spirit of this country.”

Instead of relying on the potentially despotic and overgrown institution of a standing military, Jefferson instead favored the use of militia. Looking to the city-states of Ancient Greece and…

I’ve heard this a lot recently: “Business plans don’t matter”. Matter to whom? The only person it should matter to is YOU.

Yes. It is correct that likely no one, other than your most loyal colleagues and advisors will actually read the whole thing. …

Roh Krishnan

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