Part 1: When you take a company like Apple and a heritage brand like Hermés, how do you determine the price?

Written by Roh Krishnan

I thought about this when I saw that the Apple x Hermes Watchband was over under $1,200.

That just didn’t add up to something ridiculous. I would never buy that, to begin with, and I’m a big fan of Hermés. In fact, it’s the cologne I wear, and that’s pretty much it, with the occasional tie thrown in.

Now, I will unapologetically tell you that I am good at discerning men's clothing and products dealing in the category of men’s fashion. I would put cologne in that category.

I only own one cologne after all these years of trying this and trying that, and for me it will is and always be a bottle of men's Hermés. Creature of habit I guess, or once I find something I like, and I stick with it.

A bottle of the cologne I like at Hermés is about $200, which is at a fair price point, so why is a half-baked watch band worth so much?

Hermés isn’t even known for making watches. It’s their ties that really suck me in. I am a sucker for a proper, classic Hermes tie. It’s timeless. Ladies, remember that when Christmas or a business meeting comes around…and you’re welcome!

The tie itself is could be used as decorative furniture.

It is a dandy of wrist candy when you add it all up!

I get why Hermés would do this. They are a high-end heritage brand, but they aren’t in the headlines of CNBC and selling products at a ridiculous rate like Apple.

Watch me go buy the band — just to make sure I’m not being unfair.

To be square, I did go in, with my Apple Watch, try it on and walk around with it on. Looking at it from this angle, and giving it a proper feel. Making sure that the leather I was purchasing was indeed sourced from the best leather distributors. I was trying all the motions that one would do during the day while wearing a watch.

It was like the other bands. In fact, there were other brands like Monowear Design — who were making much better @Apple Watch Bands. I ended up buying something from Monowear.

Now, when it comes to heritage brands, I am a big fan. Especially the ones on Savile Row. I’m a particularly big fan of this quote by Tom Ford….

If I did not design my own men’s collection, I would have virtually my entire wardrobe made on Savile Row

He’s not wrong. I love Savile Row. There is a certain sensibility there, in addition to the quality. It’s quiet, yet loud. It’s classic, yet unique.

I’m trying to imagine how this partnership came to be.

It certainly must have been @Apple reaching its very long olive branch to a fashion house and heritage brand like @Hermés. For Apple to come close to the brand weight that Hermés carries, it would take them at least another 100 years.

Who decided on the pricing I wonder? How did this interesting partnership come to be? This reminds me a bit of when Apple purchased Beats Headphones. It didn’t quite add up — except a marketing perspective.

Until now, that is the only reason I can see for this partnership, but perhaps there is more than meets the eye. Perhaps Apple has plans to partner up with more heritage bands for various things from Watch bands to Laptop covers.

We’ll have to wait and see. Part 2 of this series coming soon!

Let the road rise up to meet ya!

Roh Krishnan



Writing ‘bout beautiful things I see when I walk (browse) this incredible world. I also create products, investigate provenance, transparency, & sustainability

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Roh Krishnan

Writing ‘bout beautiful things I see when I walk (browse) this incredible world. I also create products, investigate provenance, transparency, & sustainability