The Curse of the Billboard

The day Los Angeles sports cursed themselves by putting up a Dodger blue billboard in the middle of downtown Boston.

I and many other Bostonians have cursed the city and sports teams of LA, and I encourage the citizens of the Bay Area to join in.

We did so the minute an ugly Billboard was erected in the middle of Boston, draped in Dodger blue and white, it read “Thank you for Mookie Betts, signed Dodgers Fans”. Or some nonsense.

It was posted up by a 3rd party company called Pantone in collaboration with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but unbeknownst to them, no proud city wants to see another team's color or name on a billboard on their home turf.

I’d actually imagine it is common sense. Apparently not.

Get me a bucket.

I’m calling it the ‘Curse of the Billboard’ or simply the “the Billboard Curse”. Whatever catches on easier.

And I call upon anyone who has ever used the phrase “Beat LA” to take this on with vigor.

Curses are real, especially in sports. Boston knows all too well how a curse works and how long it takes for it to break.

The power of the curse works through us. We need to bang the drum. Remind them that there is retribution for putting up billboard after you “won” a World Series in a season with just 60 games. Rounding up, that is what — roughly only 1/3 of the games played in an actual regular season.

I’m writing this as I sit at a pub watching the Giants game with a Dodger fan next to me.

I go, “Hey, it’s going to be fun this year, with the Giants and the Dodgers being good at the same time eh?”. He sighed and replied, yes well, “It’s still very early.” Hmm. The irony.

We’re about 50+ games into the season, which would mean this would have been the last stretch of last season but okay let’s go with “it’s early”.

And what about the fact that the Warriors, led by Stephen Curry, and Stephen Curry alone almost took down Lebron James and Anthony Davis in this new playoff scenario the NBA has put into place.

Oh, man. And then there’s the matter of Goff getting traded by the Rams, who in my opinion, got FLEECED, in that trade. Arguing Goff v Stafford is one thing, but the details of that trade are something different altogether.

Anyways, as always, the rivalry between the Bay and LA is real, but seemingly multi-dimensional, as good ol’ Boston has become our ally.

Let’s bang the drum gang! #BillboardCurse.

Yours Truly,




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Roh Krishnan

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